27 Feb 2020

Porirua Chamber welcomes rethink on roading planning

Porirua Chamber of Commerce has welcomed the­­­ news that NZTA will be rethinking the ‘methodology and time frame’ for the Link Road and Kenepuru…
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23 Oct 2019

Chairs Report October

Kia ora,   2019 is just flying by – this Chair’s report picks up on our local Porirua Chamber of Commerce highlights for the last month. …
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20 Sep 2019

Chairs Report September

The decisions made between 2019 and 2022 by our Mayor and Council will set the scene for the next decade’s worth of development, and beyond. In 2020, Transmission…
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27 Aug 2019

Local Government Election Guide 2019

We’ve just released our 2019 Local Government Election guide, ahead of the upcoming local elections. The guide identifies four areas which you’ve…
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1 Aug 2019

Porirua Chamber - Opportunities post Transmission Gully, but Porirua has to seize them

There was a strong message heard loud and clear from last night’s business briefing on Transport, says Porirua Chamber of Commerce chair Heather Hutchings.…
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27 Mar 2019

Update on the Employment Relations Amendment Act 2018

Changes in effect on 6 May 2019 90-day trials 90-day trial periods will be restricted to businesses with fewer than 20 employees. Organisations with…
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21 Mar 2019

Domestic Violence - Victims' Protection Act 2018

Parliament recently passed the Domestic Violence - Victims' Protection Act 2018, to take effect on 1 April 2019. This new law grants employees affected by domestic…
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24 Sep 2018

Porirua Chamber of Commerce – still in business

Porirua Chamber of Commerce - still in business By Nick Leggett Unhelpful headlines have recently fueled  the idea that the Porirua Chamber…
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24 Aug 2018

Chamber welcomes support for Whitireia

Chamber welcomes support for Whitireia  The announcement today of a $15 million capital injection for Porirua-based Whitireia polytechnic has been…
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23 Jul 2018

Outcome of the Porirua Chamber of Commerce’s future

Outcome of the Porirua Chamber of Commerce's future  The Porirua Chamber of Commerce has announced that, following a review into the organisation’s…
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20 Jun 2018

IRD Payday Webinars

Find out how payday filing will impact your business Since 1 April 2018, employers have been able to file payroll information every payday rather than monthly.…
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20 Jun 2018

The impact of 'Smith City' for employers

The large retailer Smith City recently lost a case in the Employment Court, which has been widely reported in the media. The issue was whether or not employees…
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