Our Vision

A Porirua business community that is vibrant and prosperous.

Our Mission

To Stimulate Business Vitality and Excellence in Porirua City.

Statement of purpose

Our purpose is to instigate, stimulate and influence business vitality in Porirua, as a trusted partner.

  • Trust from the business community that we will provide quality services and represent your interests
  • Trust from the wider community that our support of business is driven by a genuine belief that a healthy and vibrant business sector is fundamentally important to us all.

Objectives of the Chamber

  • To be the ‘business voice’ of local issues.
  • To support our members in business.
  • To provide opportunities for you to learn and grow your business.
  • To promote the value of business in the community.
  • To provide networking opportunities for our members.
  • To provide a socio-economic base to benefit the whole community.
  • To be your number one provider of business information.