Neil Beckett

Urban Journey Manager - Wellington 

By email: 
Dear Neil,  

Thank you for your letter regarding the changes to the Mana Esplanade clearway times.  

As aligned with our previous feedback on the matter, we remain concerned that the NZTA proposal 
may not be enough to ease all congestion all the time. However, we will support what’s proposed, 
given that the associated modelling supplied by NZTA appears that is will help ease some congestion 
at peak times.  

We are mindful that the feedback from business owners and other in the community is that the 
proposed clearway time periods ought to be longer and are not enough. However, we note that the 
current proposal goes some way, or part the way, to address the current concerns and status quo 

We are also mindful that there may be future traffic fluctuations in the medium to longer term 
forecasts, given the changes with Transmission Gully and possible future developments in and 
around the Plimmerton area. We would strongly urge NZTA to continue to monitor and consider the 
situation, and to revisit extending hours at some stage in the future. 

In summary, while what’s proposed may not be enough to ease all congestion, the Chamber is 
supportive of current proposal given the associated modelling supplied by NZTA. 


Yours sincerely, 
Heather Hutchings 
Chair of the Advisory Committee 
Porirua Chamber of Commerce