The decisions made between 2019 and 2022 by our Mayor and Council will set the scene for the next decade’s worth of development, and beyond. In 2020, Transmission Gully is due to open - a significant event for the district, and we believe a bold, long-term vision is needed for our community as we enter a period of predicted growth.
We have identified four priorities for the incoming Council in our 2019 Local Body Election Guide, key areas we want both Councillors and Mayors to deliver on if elected to Council.  Click here to view the report.

These are:

  • Business Wellbeing
  • Fiscal Responsibility & Council Spending
  • Roading, Transport & Infrastructure
  • Leadership

 In choosing these areas, we wanted to keep it simple to ensure we focus on delivering results to businesses, ratepayers and the community.

Business Wellbeing: Strong businesses create stronger communities. When business does well, Porirua does well, our whole community does well. Councillors must be focused on the wellbeing of businesses and what this means. This will enable SME business owners to responsibly contribute to our local communities.

Fiscal Responsibility & Council Spending: Porirua is struggling to balance spending while funding current and future growth. We need councillors who understand a balanced budget, the difference between core services and nice-to-haves, and the required resilience of a balance sheet.

Roading, Transport & Infrastructure: Significant projects need clear oversight to ensure the city gets the right benefits from these projects. Councillors need to take the lessons from the city’s involvement with Transmission Gully to ensure similar issues don’t arise in the Eastern Regeneration, Plimmerton Farm and other large-scale projects.

Leadership: Councils everywhere function best when they’re operating cohesively. This cohesion and leadership needs to come from everyone involved in the council, irrespective of history, faction or position - from officers, to councillors and the Mayor. Let’s have robust debate, but then let’s get on with the plan.

We want the incoming Council to deliver tangible outcomes, benefiting local businesses and our economy. 

Adventure Park Update

The Chamber recently met with Council to discuss concerns surrounding the Council’s  $4 million underwriting of the proposed Adventure Park. We are always supportive of any new business investing in Porirua and the opportunities flowing from the Park, if it opens, will benefit many in Porirua.

Due to commercial sensitivity the Council couldn’t provide copies of their internal reports. As business owners ourselves we respect this, however it makes it difficult for the Chamber to evaluate the robustness of the Councillor’s decision to provide the underwrite. That said, they explained that all assumptions in the economic analysis were tested by PwC as independent advisors to the Council. They also sought external legal advice from Simpson Grierson on the nature of the underwrite (which is still being negotiated) and ensured that the Council was receiving an appropriate rent on the land being leased to the Adventure Park. They also highlighted cost savings to the Council from the Adventure Park maintaining the park and assured us that the Council were not picking up the tab on any associated infrastructure.

Ultimately the Chamber cannot second guess the decision of Councillors and we remain fully supportive of any businesses opening in the City. That said, the Adventure Park isn’t here yet – they are currently raising their funding. Existing businesses, and the Council, need to be mindful of this when making any decision. Finally, if the park goes ahead, Council must ensure the risk to the business ratepayer from the underwrite is carefully managed, with appropriate oversight of the park.


Metered lights have improved safety and efficiency at Paremata roundabout

The introduction of metered lights at the Paremata roundabout has resulted in improved overall journey times and a safer experience without significantly affecting northbound road users, according to data from the NZ Transport Agency.

Because the system is running so well for Park & Ride users, the Transport Agency has extended the operating period to cover the train arriving at 6.15pm when there is high demand to exit onto the roundabout.

Porirua City’s Transportation Manager Darrell Statham says the project is a good example of the Transport Agency and the Council listening to local residents and users and working together to find a solution for all parties.

The Porirua Chamber of Commerce will continue to keep your Council accountable and advocate on behalf of Porirua business.

If there is an issue you would like addressed, please contact me at


Heather Hutchings
Chair of the Advisory Committee
Porirua Chamber of Commerce