The continued delays and uncertainty on Transmission Gully’s progress must be explained says the Porirua Chamber of Commerce.

“Currently the community is in the dark – there’s no real clarity about, well, any of it,” says Hamish Mexted, Porirua Chamber of Commerce chair.

“In 2017 we were set for a 2020 completion date. Now we’re hearing 2022.

“The continued delays and uncertainty on Transmission Gully’s progress must be explained. There is plenty of speculation and both Wellington Gateway Partnership and NZTA, as the government agency responsible, need to front up about what is happening. Currently, no one knows why the budget has increased and why deadlines had been repeatedly pushed back. Unquestionably some of the delay comes from COVID – however, the length of the extension seems disproportionate to the length of the Level 4 lockdown.

“Today’s story in the Dominion Post gives us even more concern. It’s totally unacceptable that the Porirua Mayor is having to find out the facts from a project employee – where are the NZTA officials?

“Porirua City has made a substantial investment of $16 million to build the two local connecting roads, and while COVID-19 means a slight delay, they’ll still be finished by early next year. Now they look like they’ll be sitting empty for some time to come.

“Further, we also understand that there are a number of Australasian contractors who can’t get back into the country – and this isn’t just about having the boots on the ground but it’s also effectively locking up the equipment here as well.

“There are too many questions and no answers as yet.”