Fresh beer direct from the brewery? The long-awaited Tinker Tailor cellar door opened in mid-April.

Now you can pop in on your way home from work, or after Saturday sport and pick up some freshly-poured beers to take away. Come in on a Friday afternoon and you might even catch the brewers hard at work.

“Our best seller is our APA,” says co-owner and brewer Tim Hodgkinson. “With a lovely citrusy aroma, and a deep golden colour this classic APA features Citra hops.” For something with a whole heap of character and lots of hops the Tinker version of the APA is also on tap at the cellar-door.

Tim explained what the Tinker Tailor branding is all about. “We’ve got our Tailor range – our time-tested, true-to-style beers. Then we take the Tailor beer and, well, tinker with it. The Tailors are the core range, whereas we will be bringing out new Tinkers all the time.”

John Justice, one of the other co-owners and a Porirua local, suggests a Vienna Lager if you are looking for something just a little bit different, but not too challenging. “A Vienna Lager is a very traditional European-style lager, but redder in colour than what you might expect. It has lovely malty flavours, and is not too hoppy. Just a great, easy drinking beer.”

Tinker Tailor beers are available in 1.25 and 2.0 litre plastic riggers. Or bring in you own and save $2 on the blackboard price.

Support Porirua’s only craft brewery and pick up some tasty beers. Tasters are available.

You can find Tinker Tailor at 18A Ulric Street in Plimmerton. You’ve probably spotted the distinctive sign as you head north on SH1 and wondered what was happening. Now you can find out for yourself. Take a left at the Plimmerton roundabout, near Palmers, and head to the end of Ulric Street. You’ll see the Tinker Tailor driveway on your right.


Opening hours for April

Thursday - 4pm to 7pm

Friday - 12pm to 7pm

Saturday - 12pm to 5pm


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