The news that Transmission Gully is already being resurfaced, even though still months away from its well overdue opening, illustrates the giant chasm between what Wellington, Porirua, and Kāpiti residents are being told and what is happening on the ground.

In response, the region’s Chambers of Commerce are calling for an independent inquiry into the many issues around Transmission Gully - to find out what has gone wrong and offer residents answers on who is responsible.

"This fiasco has gone on too long, it’s time for answers, and time for someone to take responsibility and leadership," says Hamish Mexted, Chair of the Porirua Chamber of Commerce. "We’re concerned about the lack of progress, project management monitoring, quality assurance - and we still are yet to have an answer on when the road will open. Where’s the accountability? It is time to find out why."

"The delay continues the pattern of failed planning and implementation for major projects across the Wellington Region," says Simon Arcus, Wellington Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive. "We need to do better - if agencies and government officials can’t get it right on the capital city’s doorstep, what hope is there for the rest of New Zealand?"

"This incredible feat of infrastructure should be open and celebrated, instead it's beleaguered by issue after issue, delay after delay, and met with silence from politicians and agencies who hold the purse-strings and vision."

"What we all need right now is certainty - it’s the driver of both consumer and business confidence," says Heather Hutchings, Chair of Kāpiti Chamber of Commerce. "Every time the network is down, be recent tragic accidents to ongoing network issues of flooding, it’s costing the region. Kāpiti residents are being let down, Greater Wellington continues to be let down. We need someone to demand answers on timelines and quality - rather than put their hands up and blame the contractual arrangements."