There was a strong message heard loud and clear from last night’s business briefing on Transport, says Porirua Chamber of Commerce chair Heather Hutchings.

“There’s big opportunities post the Transmission Gully build – and we’ve got to get it right.

“It’s not just down to business to seize the opportunities, but we’ve got to make sure NZTA and the Porirua Council also get it right.

“We’ve got land and housing development opening up, but if we can’t get people, as well as goods and services, from point A to point B, that’s going to hold everything back.  

“These opportunities are win-win – growth in housing and residents adds to our city’s ratepayer base, increases demand for local services and suppliers, and makes our community stronger.

"The Chamber is concerned that the current transport planning and infrastructure just isn’t going to cope with demand, with foreseeable traffic chokepoints and congestions – all of which are handbrakes on growth. 

"It's clear that NZTA needs to provide us with reassurance, and that didn't happen because they failed to show up at the meeting last night.

“As a result of member and business feedback, the Chamber’s got a strong focus on transport issues and what it means for business in Porirua. 

 “With the local council elections in October we’re not taking our foot off the pedal.”