You will know about the Adventure Park planned for Rangituhi-Colonial Knob – construction on this estimated $30m project is expected to start early next year, though council consent is needed.

This “world-class destination” will have an economic impact of $40m over five years for the Wellington region.

Much of that money will be heading Porirua’s way.

Mana Cycle Group (MCG) has been planning and building trails on Rangituhi for more than 10 years, clearing the way for 14kms of trails on the big hill which are already having a visible effect on the number of visitors to the city.

The Adventure Park will take this to a whole new level – an estimated 80,000 visitors a year and that’s just people from our region.

Is Porirua ready? We also ask ‘are enough local businesses thinking about this opportunity?’

In our submission on the council’s long-term plan we called for a comprehensive plan to support cycling around the city. This includes cycling connections to Rangituhi, with an easy-to-use link from the railway station and the downtown area a priority.

Chamber members also need to be thinking about how to get ready for the Adventure Park. If you look at what is happening in cycling meccas like Rotorua, it’s not just about bike shops, cafés and accommodation. The flow-on effects throughout the business community will be significant.

Research shows cyclist tourists spend more than average. Rotorua’s trails have been credited with generating more than 4 times the value of the region’s forests.

A huge opportunity is coming down the trail – don’t miss out.

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Kevin Gwynn
Mana Cycle Group