This morning the Porirua Chamber of Commerce made their submission against the City Council’s proposal to introduce paid parking in the CBD.

"The Council’s plan to introduce paid charges for city-centre parking will pile further pressure and uncertainty on already stressed business," said Hamish Mexted, Chair of the Porirua Chamber of Commerce.

"Between rising prices and the ongoing impacts of Covid-19, business is already overwhelmed with uncertainty.

"The Council’s plan is based on flawed thinking. Charging city visitors for parking will drive away customers, and will make the city an unattractive place to go.

"The Council hasn’t done their homework either, and are unable to tell us any detail on parking occupancy rates, turnover, capital costs, revenue projections, or enforcement costs. All this important information, that should be part of this decision, is missing. The costs do not align with any benefits.

"Previous public engagement shows that a majority of Porirua residents are against this proposal. Council must listen to the community and businesses, rather than revenue grab.

The Chamber also stressed that parking charges risk pricing people out of the city centre. "What may be considered ‘spare change’ to Councillors can be an insurmountable barrier for Porirua’s most vulnerable," said Hamish Mexted.

"Our community spaces are a wonderful part of Porirua, we must make sure they remain open and accessible to everyone, not just those who can afford it."

For the Chamber written submission and speaking notes see here:

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Hamish Mexted | Chair | 021 752 270