ACC system changes:

As you may know, ACC is undergoing a significant transformation, not only in the way we work with levy payers, providers and claimants, but the levy and invoicing systems we use too.

For the next couple of weeks, while our new systems are installed and embedded, we should be able to provide you with uninterrupted service.

Although we don’t anticipate any issues, if you have any at all, please feel free to contact me and provide any feedback you like.


Authority to access accounts:

The authority form has changed to allow access to accounts across all channels (email, phone, MyACC for Business). Can you please start using the new form straight away. You do not need to resend any existing authorities. The information for the various types of access is located at: This page also includes the updated authority form.

If you provide an authority to act form, this cannot be loaded into any ACC system until the system change has been completed. If you send these to me, I will send them through for processing as soon as possible.


Instalment application forms:

These have been updated to match the payment terms of the new ACC systems. Please note that if any customers cannot meet the standard payment terms, they should contact ACC’s Collections and Recoveries team on the following numbers as soon as possible:

Phone (self employed) 0508 426 837
Phone (employers) 0800 222 776
Overseas +64 4816 7880

The updated application forms are located:


MyACC For Business:

A number of you will have already been contacted to sign up for MyACC for Business (taking over from Online Services). If you have not been contacted yet, you may be shortly by email or post.

MyACC for Business will allow agents and advisors easier ways to deal with ACC and amend information and details on clients’ accounts.

The system has been designed and developed with a lot of input from agents and advisors, and with the future in mind.

If you have any feedback, questions or issues with this service, please contact me and I will pass it on to the project team.

Information is available on:


Process change:

In the past, when a self-employed person has started business and stopped in the same year, ACC have reversed the issued invoice. Once the new system is implemented, we will no longer reverse the invoice, instead we will issue an invoice based on the actual earnings in that year.

We will still ask for confirmation of the stop date and the classification unit to ensure the customer is invoiced as accurately as possible.