The Porirua Chamber of Commerce are proud to sponsor the Business Excellence in Workplace Culture and Well-being Award.

Our two finalists captured the spirit of the award tremendously, displaying examples of initiatives they have implemented to promote a healthy work-life balance.

Aspiring walls prioritizes workplace culture and well-being through activities, gestures, and innovative policies, fostering a sense of belonging among its 26-member team. The organization champions work-life balance with a unique 4 x 10-hour workday schedule, a fully-equipped gym, and mental health support programs, reinforcing its commitment to employee well-being. With a rich history spanning over 50 years and a family-driven enterprise under new ownership, Aspiring Walls not only values its dedicated staff but also contributes to the broader community's prosperity.

Riding for the Disabled, a dedicated team of 9 individuals committed to the values of New Zealand Riding for the Disabled, fosters a supportive work culture through weekly team meetings, fun recognitions like the "Guy" award, and a collaborative approach to handling workloads. Operating on a 9-day fortnight, the team ensures regular long weekends for personal time while actively contributing to their community by volunteering monthly at local RDA centers. With a kai and korero-centric culture, celebrations, team support, and flexible work hours, the organization promotes the mental and physical well-being of its employees. As a not-for-profit headquartered in Porirua, Riding for the Disabled supports 49 groups nationwide, engaging with 3432 riders and completing over 45,000 riding sessions in 2022, all aligned with their core purpose of enhancing health and well-being outcomes for individuals facing disabilities or specific challenges. The organization strives to enable and support them in achieving meaningful participation and contribution to important life activities and roles within their community. 

With this in mind, our judging panel found it impossible to select a winner, so both businesses ended up receiving the award in recognition of their incredible work.