Use it or Lose it! Kapiti Airport offers an important piece of regional infrastructure to the Western Corridor with numerous benefits to Porirua business. Frankly if we don’t get behind the Kapiti Airport initiative we will lose an enormous opportunity that would be very difficult to reclaim.


Nick Leggett’s recent Porirua Chamber Facebook post illustrated how quick the trip was to the airport – departing home at 6 am, arriving at Kapiti airport before 6.30 am and on the plane at 6.45 am. Quite a different proposition to catching a flight at Wellington Airport!


Porirua has the third highest household income in New Zealand with a high number of business travellers commuting to Wellington Airport daily. With traffic heading south worsening at peak hours the trip north for travellers against the traffic is extremely attractive.


With the Adventure Park project underway as a national attraction and sited in Porirua, the flexibility of two airports to bring tourists in and out of the region is a substantial bonus.

The Kapiti Airport is equally important as a way of managing people and emergency support in and out of the Porirua and Kapiti area in a natural disaster. Resilience is a vital part of ensuring business continues with little disruption in difficult times.


As Kapiti and Porirua both experience rapid growth a second airport in the region is essential.  Air New Zealand is very clear that they will represent what the Porirua and Kapiti community puts forward, so this means good representation from business community and a united voice is required.


At the end of this month we will be hosting Air New Zealand Regional Manager Ian Collier to update us on how they are getting behind the Kapiti airport.  It’s worth booking tickets to come as this airport is potentially life changing for anyone who travels regularly professionally and personally. 



The Air NZ Business Breakfast will be on Tuesday the 27th of February 7am - 8.45am at The Supply Room. Tickets are $25 for members and $35 for non-members incl GST for both. Head to the events page here to RSVP.